The Shift

The Shift is the Belgian sustainability community. As the national contact point for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and for B Corp, The Shift brings together over 560 companies, NGOs, public and academic institutions. Its platform of diverse organizations has one common goal: to actively work together towards a more sustainable economy and society, by stimulating partnerships and helping co-create sustainable business models. The diversity of its members makes The Shift unique in Europe and in the world.


Jacques Vandermeiren,
CEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Managing Director

Magali Frankl

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At the very core of its activities, The Shift aims to assess natural, social and human value alongside financial value to provide more meaningful information in order to make better strategic decisions. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals act as guiding principles, the young generations help challenge the status quo.

Each year, the Belgian community defines four focus areas. For now, these are:

  • Biodiversity: integrate natural capital into the decision making of organizations in order to address and preserve nature loss.
  • Climate: guide organizations, big or small, in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions moving towards a net-zero economy.
  • Human rights: help ensure that human rights are respected throughout operations and international value chains.
  • Work & inclusion: move towards a more inclusive workplace resulting in increased collective intelligence and strengthened performance.