Sustainability Makers

Sustainability Makers supports its members on all issues related to sustainability with specific trainings.


Maria Luisa Parmigiani

Managing Director

Stefania Bertolini

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  • A closed-door workshop: 4-5 meetings on priority topics of interest identified by members. This is the highlight of the association, with a high level of active participation from all members, and provides a valuable opportunity for dialogue and professional development;
  • Research: investigating the most relevant issues of sustainability policies in Italy and worldwide;
  • Conferences, research and other public events involving Italian and foreign experts;
  • Webinars, online seminars on in-depth technical topics;
  • Publications: publications for the general public (reports, CD Rom, articles, etc.) and scientific articles in international journals;
  • Workgroups on sustainability issues;
  • Contributions to the debate: comments, position papers, and papers on topics relevant to businesses and society;
  • A website with a Members-only section, including a space dedicated to “Jobs wanted/offered in the context of CSR”, research reports area, etc;
  • Member-to-Member services: promoting the exchange of inquiries, suggestions, ideas, peer reviews of draft/final sustainability reports, etc;
  • Education: In partnership with ALTIS-Catholic University, the Network offers an annual course which is the reference point in Italy for sustainability managers. In addition, the Network works with initiatives promoted by other training providers on the same themes;
  • Conventions on sustainability-related services such as magazine subscriptions, paid websites, certification services, social and environmental training courses.