CSR Sweden

CSR Sweden is a network of companies representing different sectors with a common goal to work collaboratively on driving corporate social responsibility and sustainability across Sweden and beyond.


Catarina Hägglund, Skellefteå Kraft 

Managing Director

Marianne Bogle 

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The organization’s goals and business plan focus on advancing the objectives of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, enabling cooperation between business and society. For 20 years, CSR Sweden has been supporting its members in enabling knowledge transfer, providing inspiration, and facilitating the sustainability conversation for businesses in Sweden and staying on the pulse of key developments in Europe and worldwide.


CSR Sweden works with a number of working groups, called Knowledge Hubs.

In a Knowledge Hub, a topic relevant to the member companies is put forward. Depending on the topic, several stakeholders are invited so that together the group always has a long-term perspective and it is possible to present different views and feel secure that within the group it is accepted to think differently but that everyone is also united in finding common solutions and appropriate activities, such as seminars, training courses, discussion papers, etc.

These groups are often invited to participate in various contexts such as conferences in Sweden and abroad and can also be asked to develop policies and guidelines.

Current areas are:  

  • Responsible Taxation  
  • AI & Digitization  
  • Healthy Working Life  
  • Inclusive labor market  
  • The value chain, Human Rights & Due Diligence, Just Transition  
  • ESG & Reporting