Concrete Sustainability Council at IUCN World Conservation Congress

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. In September 2016, the IUCN will bring together several thousand leaders and decision-makers from government, civil society, indigenous peoples, business and academia for its four-yearly World Conservation Congress (WCC)

Published: 30 May 2016
Type: News

Geneva, 31 May 2016 - At this event, the different viewpoints of all players present will be put aside to allow meaningful engagement on the responsibilities and benefits of conservation. Together, WCC participants will influence the global conservation agenda for the coming years.

Biodiversity and land stewardship has been a focal topic in the CSI for years. Collaborative initiatives amongst member companies have led to the development of the Quarry Rehabilitation Guidelines, the Biodiversity Management Planning (BMP) Guidelines and the development of KPIs for biodiversity management. And in July 2016, the CSI will launch the completely revised Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Guidelines. These initiatives have been greatly enhanced thanks to expert input from the IUCN, amongst others, during their conception and development. It is very fitting, therefore, that the CSI should be represented at this hugely significant upcoming global event.

The Congress offers an ideal opportunity to present the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC), a responsible sourcing scheme (RSS) for concrete, being developed by the CSI and others, once again in collaboration with experts from IUCN. A RSS for concrete provides qualitative information that identifies and promotes responsible practices throughout the concrete supply chain, addressing both social and environmental impacts of the business, leading to the set-up of a certification process for concrete producers. Through the poster that will be presented in Hawaii on the RSS, the CSI will engage with broad audience of NGOs, government representatives, academia and business professionals to capture their valuable feedback. It is hoped that the exchange of opinions in Hawaii will help to improve the criteria and processes that underpin the nascent RSS.
The Congress will take place from 1 to 10 September in the Hawaiʻi Convention Center in the Hawaiian capital, Honolulu. It is being hosted by the State of Hawaiʻi with the support of the Department of State of the USA.

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