Jemmy Chayadi, Vice President of Sustainability at APRIL Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Published: 7 Sep 2016
Type: News

Jemmy Chayadi is the Vice President of Sustainability at APRIL Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jemmy leads sustainability and key stakeholder engagement activity for APRIL Group, one of the largest, technologically advanced and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world, with its flagship PaperOneTM office paper sold in more than 70 countries. Jemmy was one of the architects of the company's Sustainable Forest Management Policy as well as strategy and implementation. This includes the elimination of deforestation from the company's supply chain, protecting the forest and peatland landscapes and safeguarding human rights among the communities where APRIL Group operates.

What are your thoughts on Sustainable Development?

"I believe a commitment to sustainable development is the only way we can continue improving the quality of life of people today, without compromising the quality of life of future generations. To achieve this, social and economic development must be balanced with environmental protection to sustain the finite resources of this planet."

What were the reasons for joining the WBCSD Leadership Program?

"This Program presented an opportunity to acquire an holistic understanding of global sustainability challenges and opportunities while at the same time develop my leadership skills and increase my ability to navigate inter-disciplinary topics related to sustainable development."

Why is this year's topic important?

"The benchmark for sustainability is rising. A commitment to innovation can help the companies come up with breakthrough ideas, better solutions or more-effective stakeholder relationships to address sustainability challenges and realise opportunities. In this way, companies can continue to implement business strategies and manage operations in a sustainable way while acknowledging social and environmental values."

How did the Leadership Program help in achieving your objectives?

"The Program helped me become a more well-rounded sustainability professional and I have benefited greatly from the opportunity to learn from the leading global experts and fellow Program participants from different companies and cultural backgrounds. I am now better equipped to explore new ways to improve our sustainability strategy and practices by applying thinking on innovation and the circular economy, or through win-win collaboration with important stakeholders."

Your personal comments on the program?

"The WBCSD Leadership Program has reminded me again of our moral responsibility to strive towards sustainable development for the benefit of future generations. There will be challenges ahead, but I now have many good friends who are committed to the same journey, providing the support and inspiration to explore innovative new ways to create social, economic and environmental values around the globe. And for this amazing opportunity, I am deeply grateful."

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