Shifting diets: Methods to encourage consumers in the UK to eat healthier, more sustainable meals

Published: 14 Jan 2021
Type: Publication

This report’s objective is to motivate and enable companies to successfully shift consumer diets to healthy and sustainable options. Shifting consumer behavior often requires collective and coordinated action from a wide range of stakeholders, such as food companies, governments, NGOs and others. Yet, a common view of consumer segments and adoption barriers is typically missing, leading to actions that lack alignment and scale. To overcome these obstacles, we set out to:

  • Establish a common understanding of consumer choice in terms of healthy and sustainable food options that is meaningful to all stakeholders;
  • Create a shared view of diet driving factors and adoption barriers;
  • Agree on specific areas of action (individual and collective).

This knowledge allows us to craft coalitions and actions that will enable companies to better support demand for healthier, more sustainable food alternatives.

View the publication.

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