A recipe for a healthier planet

Published: 3 May 2017
Type: News

In her 2016 TEDMED Talk, Gunhild Stordalen explores the powerful—yet often invisible—connections between food, health and climate. Together with her husband Petter, Gunhild established The Stordalen Foundation in 2011 to support projects, initiatives and organizations that work for a healthy and sustainable future. She also founded EAT in 2013, which has grown from a humble platform into a global movement with support from the Stockholm Resilience Center and Wellcome Trust.


About Gunhild Stordalen

As president of the Stordalen Foundation, Gunhild Stordalen founded the EAT Initiative in 2013 and, together with the Stockholm Resilience Center and Wellcome Trust, grew this humble platform to a global movement. EAT links political, scientific, civil society and business leaders to create novel pathways to a sustainable, healthy future through our global food system. Gunhild sits on several boards, including Nordic Choice Hotel Group, SUN Movement Lead Group, World Economic Forum´s Global Future Council (on the Future of Food Security and Agriculture). In 2016, Gunhild was recognized among the 150 most influential business communicators in Sweden. 

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This video was originally published on TEDMED

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