The Good Life Goals: For World-Changing Businesses

A guide to help companies make the Sustainable Development Goals relevant to employees and customers

Published: 24 Sep 2019
Type: News

New York, 24 September 2019: The World, Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Futerra have worked together to create a new guide to the Good Life Goals for business. This resource will help companies understand how to use the Good Life Goals to make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant and actionable to their employees and customers. It provides instructions on how to get started and offers a variety of inspirational examples for companies on the types of actions and initiatives they can advocate and support.

The Good Life Goals are the personal actions that everyone around the world can take to help support the  (SDGs). They are an effort to help global audiences recognize the vital role of individual action in achieving the SDGs. Each of the 17 Good Life Goals has five actions, and all the actions relate directly to SDG targets.

This new set of practical guidelines shows companies how they can start using the Good Life Goals, laying out some initial ideas and questions for a Good Life Goal “Hack”. This is supported with examples of how the Good Life Goals are already being used, and some ideas for new ways that companies can consider implementing them. We have provided further inspiration by highlighting 17 different corporate actions in support of the SDGs and showing how the Good Life Goals could be used to leverage and communicate these.

The Good Life Goals were created through a multi-stakeholder collaboration between Futerra, the UN 10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme, supported by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) UNESCO, UN Environment and WBCSD. The Good Life Goals were launched at the United Nations General Assembly last year.

These Goals can help business more effectively engage with people, both customers and employees, around the sustainable behaviors that are connected to their products, services and corporate culture.

The Good Life Goals report as well as all the other assets are available on WBCSD's SDG Hub.

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