BCSD Bolivia (CEDES)

Managing Director
María Claudia Dabdoub

Background information
Societal well-being is the responsibility of all stakeholders. For this reason, fundamental societal actors such as the private sector, the government and civil society should proactively engage in sustainable development. The Bolivian Business Council for Sustainable Development - Consejo Empresarial para el Desarrollo Sostenible - was formed to build an alliance among business leaders dedicated to sustainable development and to help them work cooperatively and effectively with government and civil society. Our member companies are united by both their common vision as well as their commitment to sustainable development (SD).

Strategic Programs

  1. Bottom Up Fairs
    Goals: to strengthen the capacity of small and micro enterprises that belong to the supply chain of public and private institutions to obtain new contracts during the Fairs.
    Partnership: BCSD Bolivia, PROCAL, SWISS CONTACT.
    Scope: hiring professionals to advise small and micro enterprises.
    Role of BCSD Bolivia: sponsor.
  2. “Vives” - Incubator of Micro Enterprises
    Goals: to develop managerial procedures that will induce changes in the labor and energy matrix of the community.
    Alliance: BCSD Bolivia, New Men, Sergas, CRE, INFOCAL.
    Scope: incubator of micro enterprises (creation of 10 units), gas for educational centers, gas facilities and electricity.
    BCSD Bolivia Role : initiator, coordinator and facilitator of the project.
  3. Recycle
    Goals : to create a micro enterprise for the collection of PET bottles and raise awareness among the population on the benefits of recycling - replicating a successful experience of member companies such as Soboce and La Papelera.
    Alliance: BCSD Bolivia, New Men, Paper Mills.
    Scope: assistance in the creation of the micro enterprise, raise awareness among educational institutions, competition among schools and dissemination campaign.
    Role of BCSD Bolivia : concept development, project coordination, and facilitation of the creation of the micro enterprise.
  4. Cultivating Gas
    Goals : to expand the distribution network of natural gas in order to benefit educational institutions.
    Alliance : BCSD Bolivia, TRANSREDES, GTZ, YPFB.
    Scope: gas connections to 60 educational units around the country - units to be chosen by BCSD Bolivia member companies in areas where they operate.£
    BCSD Bolivia Role: coordinator and active participant in the implementation of the project.
  5. Operation “Smile”
    Goals: to raise funds to help children benefit from leporine lip surgery.
    Alliance: Foundation Operation Smile with the support of BCSD Bolivia members Transredes, Gravetal, GTB, Soboce,Chaco.
    Scope: 150 Bolivian children will benefit from surgery.
    BCSD Bolivia Role : office space, communications and administrative support.

Other Programs:

  1. CSR workshops for BCSD Bolivia members
    Goals: to support BCSD Bolivia's members in improving their CSR programs.
    Alliance: CEDES, WBCSD, SNV.
    Scope: 2 workshops in La Paz and Santa Cruz with the participation of CSR experts from COBORSE.
    BCSD Bolivia Role: workshops organizers.
  2. Forum "Sustainable Livelihoods"
    Goals: to introduce the concept of "sustainable livelihoods" and to explore managerial solutions for sustainable development.
    Alliance: BCSD Bolivia, WBCSD, SNV.
    Scope : organization of a forum with top executives, representatives of the government, civil society and multilateral institutions.
  3. UPB (Universidad Pontificia Boliviana) Study
    Goals: to study the possibility of creating the " Inter-American Research Institute of Investigation in Sustainable Development " at the UPB.
    Alliance: BCSD Bolvia, UPB.
    Scope: prepare feasibility study for the creation of the institute.
    BCSD Bolivia Role: financing the initial study.
  4. Dissemination Campaign
    Goals : spread knowledge on the activities of BCSD Bolivia and its members' achievements
    Scope : to publish a monthly supplement to be distributed by a national newspaper and to produce a video at the end of the year.

Website: http://www.cedesbolivia.org/ 

Contact: María Claudia Dabdoub, Managing Director

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