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SEV-BCSD launches study on circular economy in Greece

Athens, 18 July 2016 - SEV-BCSDWBCSD's Global Network partner in Greece, and EY HELLAS launch a joint report on the benefits of adopting a circular economy approach for the country's economy.

Published: 18 Jul 2016
Type: News

The objective of the study is to promote the potential for transformational change that a circular economy approach can bring to the status quo of the Greek economy, both upstream and downstream, acting as a catalyst towards sustainable growth.

It follows upon the recent policy developments that have taken place on a European level in the area of circular economy, most notably related to the Circular Economy Package adopted by the European Commission on December 2, 2015.

The study is therefore based on an analysis of the current legislative and regulatory framework on Circular Economy at EU and national levels, as well as on research of prevailing business perspectives in selected sectors.

A number of key outcomes are highlighted, including:

  • The need for Circular Economy focused legislative and regulatory reform in Greece
  • There is currently a fragmented use of circular models amongst Greek companies
  • Emphasis is placed on the 'end-of-life' stage, rather than on the design stage
  • Recycling and recovery of construction and demolition waste requires considerable improvement
  • Energy is largely dependent on non-renewable sources and efficiency is relatively low
  • Bio-waste and food waste recovery is limited, resulting in significant economic and environmental impacts
  • There is a need for law enforcement of hazardous waste legislation Addressing waste market barriers is key

In terms of next steps, SEV-BCSD and EY recommend the development of a consistent and realistic national roadmap towards a Circular Economy, based on multi-stakeholder engagement and dialogue, and guided by the EU's Circular Economy Package. It is also suggested a systemic approach to Circular Economy is adopted in the country, including cross-sector collaboration, in order for applied circular models to reach their full potential.

SEV Business Council for Sustainable Developmentfounded by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and 31 SEV member companies, is a non-profit organization created to be the powerful and dynamic leverage of enterprises that are willing and able to play a leading role among the members of the SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises in promoting sustainable development within the Greek business reality; and establishing the necessary engagement framework for discussing and weighing the critical issues of sustainable development among businesses, the State and society at large.

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