Forética addresses the future of work in the face of digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis

Published: 14 Oct 2020
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Madrid, Spain, 14 October: Forética, Spain’s leading business organization for business and  sustainability, launched JOBS 2030 - Future of Work, an initiative - in collaboration with ManpowerGroup, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and CSR Europe - that addresses the future of work in the face of the new labor context framed by COVID-19 and challenges as decisive as digital transformation.

"COVID-19 represents a turning point in the health, social, economic and especially in the workplace environments. Given the uncertainty that this pandemic generates in its impact on the work environment, Forética is ensuring that the lessons learned from COVID-19 support the sustainable leadership ambitions of companies, in which people are at the heart of companies’ strategies. To do this, it is time to undertake an in-depth analysis of the future of work, focused on generating more sustainable models, speeding up digitization as a driver of transformation and investing in innovation and talent. We need to focus on strategies that ensure business sustainability and, above all, a clear contribution to society and the planet ”, said Germán Granda, Director General of Forética.

To do this, 'JOBS 2030' will focus on defining a roadmap and initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda to promote the necessary mechanisms to build a sustainable future of work, focused on three strategic dimensions: training and talent; impact of technology on Human Resources processes; and just transition for people.

Filippo Veglio, Managing Director of WBCSD’s People Program, participated in the launch event. He argued that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the uptake of technological solutions across business, workplaces and private life. Numerous technologies enabling business continuity across value chains while minimizing personal exposure have seen unprecedented growth rates. At the same time, assessing or preparing for the impact of these solutions being deployed at unprecedented speed and scale is an ongoing challenge. In this context, Veglio highlighted WBCSD’s shared business principles aimed at putting people first when it comes to the impact of technology on how work is carried out by direct employees, contract and temporary workers, and workers throughout the supply chain. This includes automation, digitization, AI, machine learning, ICT, platform technologies, IoT, virtual & augmented reality, 3D/4D printing, and more.
Forética is a partner of WBCSD’s Global Network, an alliance of more than 60 CEO-led business organizations worldwide. The Network, encompassing some 5,000 companies, is united by a shared commitment to provide business leadership for sustainable development in their respective countries and regions.

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Forética addresses the future of work in the face of digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis

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