China: Release of 2019 edition of corporate sustainability index during the China Top 500 Enterprises Summit

Published: 1 Sep 2019
Type: News

Jinan, Shandong Province, 1 September 2019: The latest editions of the China Corporate Sustainability Index Report and the China Top 100 Sustainable Enterprises were released during the China Top 500 Enterprises Summit.

The report examines business performances regarding three dimensions incl. Competitiveness, Environment and Society and eight main areas, covering 1016 leading companies with different region, different ownership categories and from different industries, carries out detailed sustainability performance analysis of typical industries, exploring the trends and directions for business sustainable development. The average score of the sampled companies is 61.3, an increase of 0.2 points from the previous year.

Mr. Wang Jiming, President of the China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD), introduced the project overview as well as the main findings of the report. China BCSD member companies, most notably Sinopec, the State Grid, Baowu Group, CMIC, ChemChina, COOC, SDIC and Huafon were featured on the list.

On the sidelines of the Summit, China BCSD also organized the eight edition of its CEO Forum on Sustainable Development, focused on the theme of “Green Transformation and Sustainable Development of Enterprises”.

Mr. Xia Qing, Former Vice President and Chief Engineer of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Mr. Chen Ge, Senior Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Ms. Tian Linzhi, Chairman of SINOWIND Shanghai and Global Strategy Corporation, Ms. Yang Xiaoping, Chairman of BP China, Mr. Zheng Daqing, Senior Vice President of BASF Global, and Mr. Xie Qi, Director of Energy and Environment, Science and Technology, and Safety Supervision Departments of Baowu group attended the forum and delivered speeches respectively.

Over 150 executives and representatives from CBCSD member companies, China Top 500 Enterprises as well as leaders and representatives from Shandong local government and enterprises attended. The Forum discussed and shared business best practices and management experience regarding topics e.g. deepening reform, green development as well as environment management. Mr. Zhai Qi, Executive Secretary-General of CBCSD, chaired the Forum.

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