CECODES launches Vision 2050 Colombia, a roadmap to a sustainable Colombia by 2050

Published: 7 Feb 2023
Type: News

Bogota, 3 February 2023: WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Colombia CECODES launched their new guide "Vision 2050 Colombia: a business focus" during a virtual event.

Based on WBCSD’s Vision 2050, “Vision 2050 Colombia” aims to move from theory to practice through nine pathways of transformation. This guide requires the articulation of the different actors, such as government, companies, academia, investors, society, among others; so that together, they can speed up with focused actions that allow coordination between the public and private sectors, where each actor does what corresponds to them and generates positive impacts.

One of the intentions of this launch was to generate these bridges of trust between all actors in society, with the purpose of working together for the sustainable development of the country. At the launch virtual event, Uta Jungermann, Senior Manager Member Support & Global Network at WBCSD, mentioned that: “In organizations like WBCSD and CECODES, we have a responsibility to build bridges between science and business. We need to help translate what the science says and share this information in terms of business impact; and we must support science to understand the needs of companies. This is how we can finally start to build trust.”

Sergio Rengifo Caicedo, Executive Director of CECODES, made a call to action, mentioning that: “To achieve everything we set out to do, we must build trust, and the only way to do it is by being consistent between what we say and what we do; and this is demonstrated through accountability”. In this context, he invited all society actors to read and share Vision 2050 Colombia. He emphasized that it's time to transform, it's time to inspire, it's time to collaborate and help small, medium, and large companies to embrace these sustainability concepts in their business strategy.

CECODES is convinced that the nine transformation pathways open the possibility of helping companies focus their efforts in their key areas. These pathways include a sustainable energy system with zero carbon emissions that is reliable and affordable for all; a transportation and mobility system that is safe, affordable, clean, and efficient for people and products; living spaces that are healthy, inclusive and that thrive in harmony with nature, and a product and materials system that calls for optimizing the use of resources to meet needs while allowing the systems that provide resources to regenerate.

For the financial products and services system, it means that all financial capital is mobilized to support sustainable development; and the responsible connectivity system unites people to improve the transparency and efficiency that drives access to opportunities. Under the pathway of health and wellbeing, the purpose is to have the highest possible level for everyone, relying on water and sanitation, where thriving aquatic ecosystems support food and public energy for all. Finally, for the food system, we need a regenerative and equitable system that produces healthy, safe, and nutritious food for all.

With these nine pathways, CECODES calls on the different actors in Colombia, such as the government, companies, academia, investors, society, among others, for action to shift mindsets that will make the difference between incremental change and the accelerated transformation necessary to achieve the Vision for 2050.

  • The document presents a road map with scalable solutions in the short, medium, and long term, which aims to ensure that more than 62 million Colombians can live well, within planetary boundaries.

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