BCSD Malaysia zooms in on priority areas

The Business Council for Sustainable Development Malaysia (BCSD Malaysia) was launched in late May as an  independent membership organization, formed by a group of forward-thinking companies committed to creating a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

Published: 14 Dec 2020
Type: News

Kuala Lumpur, 14 December 2020: Over the past months, under the leadership of its Executive Director Roberto Benetello, BCSD Malaysia has spent considerable time zooming in on the priority areas for business and sustainability in the country. As Benetello comments: “We have come up with a priority list and a number of ideas that we are now transforming into projects with precise objectives, strategies and deliverables. The areas of interventions we have identified include plastics recycling and circular economy, biodiversity preservation, energy transition and net-zero GHG emissions, green financing, urban mobility and human rights. Hopefully we will be able to start up some of them very soon with the help and support of our members and stakeholders.”

In the words of Prof. Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, Chairman of the Board: “BCSD Malaysia is ready, willing, and able to play the ‘honest broker’ role in meeting the sustainability aspirations of companies in this country.”

Read this newsletter with the latest insights and stories on the work advancing in Malaysia, including the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Malaysian Industry-Government Group For High Technology (MIGHT) and a partnership with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in the area of human rights.

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Roberto Benetello
Executive Director
BCSD Malaysia

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