BCSD Argentina advocates for business solutions at Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week

Published: 29 Aug 2018
Type: News

Buenos Aires, 29 August 2018: Business leaders and government officials from across Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the Latin America & Caribbean Climate Week 2018 (LACCW 2018). The event – held three weeks ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit in California – demonstrated the international support for stepping-up local, national and regional climate action by bringing together actors across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Alongside other regional climate weeks, LACCW 2018 was designed to advance climate action across the region through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Climate Action. The ultimate aim of LACCW was to go beyond global climate talks to mobilize support for implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.

BCSD Argentina (CEADS), represented by María Virginia Vilariño as its lead on Climate and Energy, carried the message that business is ready to step up and bring forward ideas. Through sessions covering different aspects of the climate debate, from resilient infrastructure, to carbon pricing, to circular economy, governments and the private sector participants showcased the stage of climate action across Latin America and the Caribbean. One key question from almost every session was how to better align the SDGs and Paris Agreement agendas. There was also a drive to highlight the importance of putting in place coordination mechanisms to ensure climate compatible sustainable development.

For more information, read WBCSD’s Insider Perspective on Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2018.

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