Our Team

    Senior Management Team

    Peter Bakker

    President and CEO

    Diane Holdorf

    Managing Director, Food & Nature

    Rodney Irwin

    Chief Operating Officer

    Claire O'Neill

    Managing Director, Climate & Energy

    Federico Merlo

    Managing Director, Member Relations and Circular Economy


    Wei Dong Zhou

    Director, China office


    Andrew Beanland

    Director, Redefining Value

    Anne Cécile Rémont

    Director, Tire Industry Project

    Bill Sisson

    Executive Director, WBCSD North America

    Brendan Edgerton

    Director, Circular Economy

    Constant Van-Aerschot

    Director, WBCSD Asia Pacific

    Emeline Fellus

    Director, FReSH

    Irge Olga Aujouannet

    Director, Events

    James Gomme

    Director, People & Society

    Joe Phelan

    Director, WBCSD India

    John Revess

    Director, Net Zero Transformation

    Joss Tantram

    Director, Redefining Value

    Julian Hill-Landolt

    Director, Vision 2050

    Lois Guthrie

    Director, Redefining Value

    Mariana Heinrich

    Director, Energy

    Nicolas Jammes

    Director, Communications

    Roland Hunziker

    Director, Sustainable Buildings & Cities

    Ruth Thomas

    Director, Global Agribusiness Action on Equitable Livelihoods

    Thomas Deloison

    Director, Mobility

    Tom Williams

    Director, Water

    Tony Siantonas

    Director, Scaling Positive Agriculture

    Wei Dong Zhou

    Director, China office

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