Mobilize Business Action & Leadership



Through our Nature Action program, we are working with businesses, NGOs and policy-makers to provide a clear and actionable path to being nature positive by 2030 and restoring nature by 2050.

Our members are actively collaborating pre-competitively and working with hosting coalitions and projects aimed at promoting policy recommendations by bringing a collective business voice to the table. Creating this frontrunner group will guide us in delivering impact at scale where the urgent agendas of climate, nature and food systems intersect.

The Challenge


Nature is at a tipping point. Humanity is outstripping resources and living beyond the planet’s limits.

Businesses currently do not perceive nature’s value in their value chains and there are no policies in place to incentivize nature-positive action. The new decade started with a significant wake-up call in the form of COVID-19. Leading businesses are already committing and acting to reverse nature loss. But efforts to restore nature must go beyond the scope of business.

The Business Case


Nature is essential to building resilience; restoring nature will play a central role in the green recovery.

Coalitions combining business and government, supported by NGOs and scientific research, are necessary to achieve our common goal. A collective business voice will help translate lessons learned into policy recommendations that can help to further scale up business action and empower everyone to act. Businesses need to act together, partnering with policy-makers and NGOs to improve risk awareness and resilience in supply chains and business models.

The Business Solution


This workstream supports members in creating more effective policy dialogues by bringing a collective business voice to the table. 

We carry the voice of business for nature through participation in milestone events, such as the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the United Nations General Assembly, the Open-ended Working Groups organized by the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) Secretariat, and the 15th Conference of the Parties to the CBD. By demonstrating business ambition and action, we aim to create confidence in policy-makers to deliver an ambitious new deal for people and nature.