Chief People Officer Network

Chief People Officers are in a unique position to support mainstreaming of sustainability-related skills and competencies across all levels and functions within an organization.

While many companies have taken action to create a range of specialized sustainability roles within their organizations in recent years, if genuine transformation is to be realized, virtually all workers will need to have fluency in sustainability issues that impact a wide variety of business processes.

WBCSD’s Chief People Officer Network seeks to:

  • Bring together a community of top executives overseeing people and culture within their organizations who will convene on a regular basis to exchange insights with peers and experts around how the emerging sustainability skills gap can be closed.
  • Explore the specific competencies that will deliver the transformative skillsets business leaders and practitioners need to successfully realize their organization’s goals related to climate, nature and equity concerns.
  • Play a critical role in shaping and evolving WBCSD’s thinking and project offerings in the education space.

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James Gomme

Director, Education and Knowledge Management