WBCSD and US Coalition on Sustainability partner to accelerate the dissemination of actionable insights to SMEs across global supply chains

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14 February, 2024




Geneva, 14 February 2024: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the U.S. Coalition on Sustainability (USCS) are pleased to announce a new strategic  partnership to accelerate the sharing of sustainability-related learnings and solutions between leading multi-national corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

As part of this partnership, WBCSD will make a wide array of sustainability guidelines, tools and case studies developed by its members and partners available to the nearly 2,000 member organizations of SustainChain.™ This ground-breaking public service platform created by USCS, unifies cross-industry efforts, knowledge and actionable insights across the public and private sectors to support all supply chain actors to help realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through a new digital portal housed on SustainChain™, WBCSD and its member companies will be able to share emerging sustainable business solutions and learnings with SMEs in real-time to accelerate their learning curve and build accessible collective intelligence for the broader sustainability ecosystem.

SustainChain™ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut across industry silos and dynamically surface scalable solutions, products and partnerships for its users based on their selected sustainability focus areas and SDG priorities. 

James Gomme, Director of Education and Knowledge Management at WBCSD, said: “WBCSD is delighted to be partnering with USCS to harness the potential of the SustainChain platform to accelerate private sector action in support of a net-zero, nature positive and more equitable society. This new collaboration will empower SMEs to take full advantage of the learnings and experience coming out of WBCSD’s 220+ member organizations who are leading systems transformation in support of sustainable development.

Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder of the US Coalition on Sustainability said: “WBCSD’s wonderful leadership is providing a crucial link in the chain for lifting private sector’s contribution to global sustainability. Bridging the efforts of leading multi-national corporations with those of SMEs will allow both to create more seamless, productive, collective change. Together we can create an engine for building sustainable supply chains through mass accelerated knowledge sharing and partnership potential, powered by AI.”