End-of-Life Tires (ELT)

A global state of knowledge on collection rates, recovery routes, and management methods

TIP has developed a state of knowledge (SOK) report that takes an in-depth account of the countries around the world that produce the largest numbers of ELT.  Through this landscape analysis, TIP has identified the most promising recovery routes, and is sharing that knowledge with stakeholders so that they can focus on the most effective methods in the future. The purpose of the SOK was to get an overview of the current ELT management systems for a selection of 51 countries: Europe (countries covered by ETRMA scope - European Tire & Rubber Manufacturers' Association), USA, Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Argentina and Morocco, which cover 89% of vehicles in the world.

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A framework for effective management systems

This manual aims to provide the industry with valuable information based on some of its experience in End-of-Life Tires (ELT) management from around the world. It is hoped that it will support local management who are considering or responding to the establishment of an ELT management system in their country, or in places where existing systems are being modified. It should be viewed as a working document, to be further developed as more lessons are learned from ELT management. Anyone implementing an ELT management system must do so clearly understanding the local market, legislative framework, culture, etc. This document is not intended to provide specific country detail.

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