GREEN BONDS 002°C – A guide to scale up climate finance

Published: 3 Dec 2015
Type: Publication

The dynamics of financing investments to combat climate change is probably one of the least understood facets in the global climate change debate. It is estimated that an additional US$ 700 billion needs to be invested every year to successfully contain global warming within 2°c. The US$ 100 trillion global bond market is seeing an increasing appetite for investments that are sustainable in the long term. Yet, a major gap in awareness exists regarding the supply and demand for such investments. One of the financial vehicles that can be used to make these investments is the green bond. This report explains what a green bond is, how it works and what benefits it can provide to drive the global transformation to a low-carbon society. Regardless of your motivation – a corporate professional looking to harness this opportunity or just someone interested in learning more about green bonds – this is a ready reference document on the topic.

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