Geneva, 24 June 2014 - The program allows member organisations to identify leaders for the future who understand sustainability challenges and recognize opportunities to guide strategic decision-making. It is based on interactive workshops, involvement in the work of the WBCSD and the management of individual and group projects. Participants are invited to contribute on a part time basis, 25 days spread over 9 months, clustered around three face-to-face meetings.

The mid-term meeting took place in South Africa: the team visited Soweto and went out of Johannesburg for 2 days for experiential learning. Furthermore, the team undertook leadership activities and met with sustainability and industry experts from finance, health and business, among whom there was Prof. Mervyn King. The group had the opportunity to exchange and network with students from the Midrand High School and Pretoria University. The group projects will be delivered and presented at the Council Meeting in Atlanta.