Published: Mon, Dec 31, 2012
Type: Publication

The roadmap was developed during the Future Leaders Team (FLT) 2011 program, by a group of professionals from Deloitte (Korea), Henkel (Germany), Hitachi (Japan), Michelin (US) and PwC (Argentina). It details the challenges that could be faced during the data collection process for the calculation of indirect greenhouse gas (GHG).

Its main objective is to provide understanding of the processes and awareness of the available resources regarding GHG management through emissions and is intended to be a brief overview of the process for a company unfamiliar with the process of developing a Scope 3 emissions inventory.

The following chapters in this roadmap introduce a series of concepts and resources related to carbon management along the value chain:

  1. Why do companies need a carbon management strategy for its value chain?
  2. Which tools are available?
  3. How should a data collection process start?
  4. What can be learned from case studies and successful stories?
  5. How would a transparency platform help? (ideas from the FLTs)

Disclaimer:This project is the outcome of one of the WBCSD Future Leaders Team 2011 group projects as part of their learning journey. It does not represent a policy or a position of the organization. The roadmap is not promoting nor validating any particular approaches or tools.

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