Regional deep-dives

WBCSD has worked with companies and our Global Network Partners to accelerate the understanding and use of PPAs in certain regions and countries. These guides help our members with operations in these countries to understand national policy environments as well as specific economic situations. 



WBCSD along with Solar Power Europe, Wind Power Europe and RE100 established the RE-Source platform in 2017. The platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at EU and national level. It is steered by a committed group of corporate buyers and developers, is designed to allow maximum cooperation and communication between renewable energy buyers and sellers and helps to realise the full potential of renewable electricity sourcing in Europe.  

Various resources on this platform can be accessed here


Guide to Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Brazil (2020) 

The Brazil Corporate Renewable PPA Forum, coordinated by WBCSD and Conselho Empresarial Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento  Sustentável (CEBDS), published this guide to support companies in Brazil to reduce the environmental impact of their energy consumption and lower their energy costs. 

This report provides guidance to corporate buyers on the opportunities and risks that PPAs can offer in Brazil; and provides details on trends and regulation relating to corporate renewable sourcing. By increasing procurement professionals’ capacity, the report aims to increase the number of renewable PPAs signed in Brazil between corporate energy buyers and suppliers. 

The report is in Portuguese with a summary in English. 



Accelerating corporate procurement of renewable energy in India (2018) 

Corporate Renewable PPAs in India – a market and policy update for 2019 (June 2019) 

Corporate Renewable PPAs in India: a market & policy update (December 2019) 

Corporate Renewable PPAs in India – market and policy update (January 2021)  

The Indian power market is constantly evolving as the value chain learns, reacts and shifts to accommodate to the changing state-level electricity tariff, policy and regulation landscape. 

The main report was released in 2018, which was followed by three market and policy updates. The main report provides information to companies considering renewable power PPAs on contract types, regulatory landscape, market barriers, policy scenario and financing options. This is crucial as the bulk of India’s power generation capacity is yet to be built and a large part of future electricity demand is expected to come from businesses. The fast-evolving policy and regulatory changes in different states of the country necessitated frequent updates to support companies in scaling up renewable power procurement through PPAs.  

These reports are for procurement departments within corporate buyers, heads of origination and business development within developers, and regulators and government officials in India who would like to increase their understanding of corporate renewable PPAs. 



Power Purchase Agreements in Argentina (2018) 

The report  provides guidelines on the regulatory and contractual framework for corporate renewable PPAs in Argentina, in accordance with the new regulations that have been in force since August 2017.

This report targets both the public sector and the private sector, and answers key questions for corporate off-takers, project developers and investors on the new legislation:

  • What are the legal obligations?
  • What are the consequences for corporate buyers who are not fulfilling the required targets?
  • What are the options to fulfil these?
  • What steps are needed to achieve a PPA?

The report is in Spanish with an executive summary in English. 


South Africa 


RAiSE (Renewables Ambition in South African Electricity) was founded in 2021 by the National Business Initiative (NBI), RE100 (led by the Climate Group in collaboration with CDP) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).  

RAiSE is a collaborative platform for companies procuring and generating renewable power in South Africa. Businesses in South Africa are the largest consumers of electricity and therefore play a key role in unlocking the widespread systemic change needed to achieve a carbon-neutral future. Across the globe, the private sector, from large corporations and small-to-medium enterprises, has been committing to procure and consume 100% renewable power by 2050 or sooner. To this end, RAiSE is calling on leading South African businesses to join us and accelerate corporate renewable power supply and procurement.   

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