Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder: Enabling decarbonization through Scope 3 emissions transparency

Published: 4 Mar 2021
Type: Publication

This Mission Paper introduces WBCSD's Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder: a new initiative dedicated to enabling widespread exchange of carbon emissions data.

As set out in the Paper, WBCSD is inviting business and other decarbonization experts to join this initiative and be part of a growing ecosystem working to develop a new model to decarbonize industry through data transparency.

To reach net zero emissions before 2050, we need all business to measure, account for and disclose carbon emissions as a first step to reducing them. As businesses globally face rising pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, understanding and tracking end-to-end emissions and taking action to decarbonize is becoming the license to operate.

But measuring carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions across product value chains today is almost impossible. Companies face critical challenges from lack of accurate, granular emissions data and no consistent methodology for calculating and allocating emissions at a product level.

Developed by WBCSD and its Pathfinder members, this Mission Paper sets out the Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder’s mission, priorities and guiding principles –and calls for business, standard setting bodies and technology experts to join.

Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder 

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