Emissions transparency: Pathfinder Framework provides updated guidance for the accounting and exchange of product life cycle emissions

Published: 26 Jan 2023
Type: News

Geneva, 26 January 2023 – The Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT), powered by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), is launching version 2.0 of “Pathfinder Framework: Guidance for the Accounting and Exchange of Product Life Cycle Emissions”. 

Originally launched at COP26 in Glasgow, the Pathfinder Framework builds on the longstanding work with the World Resources Institute under the GHG Protocol to take a cross-sectoral approach to help organizations develop and exchange primary-data-based product carbon footprints (PCFs) across the value chain. The requirements captured in it seek to further enhance data reliability and consistency across industries and value chains, for instance, via the inclusion of a verification and assurance roadmap. An update to the PACT Network Tech Specifications – which enables solutions to connect to each other from a technology perspective- will be published in mid-February, to ensure the data-exchange protocol reflects the latest Pathfinder Framework requirements. 

The Pathfinder Framework and Network enable companies to better understand carbon emissions on a granular level, improving business decision-making and helping them meet their net zero targets.  

Dominic Waughray, Executive Vice President at WBCSD, said: “In order to achieve transparency, we need detailed guidelines to consistently calculate and account for emissions at the most granular level, as well as infrastructure to exchange the resulting verified primary data across value chains. As both a global business membership-based organization and co-convenor of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, WBCSD has long understood these challenges and recognized the critical need for Scope 3 emissions transparency. That’s why, in collaboration with 50 leading stakeholders including standard setters, regulatory bodies, and industry initiatives, we have developed the Pathfinder Framework.” 

Additional details on PACT can be found here. For more information on the Pathfinder Framework, please contact Anna Stanley-Radière, Director Climate Transparency at WBCSD.

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