The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Supporting nature positive, cost-effective climate actions

To meet the Paris targets, decarbonization needs to take place across the whole economy and needs to be supported by carbon sinks to balance against non-abated emissions.

Natural climate solutions (NCS), such as maintaining and restoring healthy forests, agricultural land and coastal ecosystems, can provide around 30% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming to 2°C. In addition, they provide many socio-economic & environmental benefits, such as the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, provision of ecosystem services and support sustainable livelihoods. But despite their vast potential, NCS attract very little public and private investment.

To mobilize natural climate solutions, the NCS Alliance conveys the voice of businesses, NGOs and solution providers on the need to mobilize a high integrity demand for high quality NCS. The Alliance focuses on to identify opportunities and barriers to investment in the NCS voluntary carbon market and also serves as a forum for knowledge sharing and technical capacity building to ensure natural climate solutions reach their full potential in abating climate change.

NCSA objectives are:

  1. Support demand-side  integrity: Guide the use of NCS credits as an integral element to a high-ambition corporate climate strategy, additional to the company’s decarbonization efforts.
  2. Support the investment in high quality NCS credits: Provide clarity to companies on what makes a high-quality NCS project/programme, and consequently high-quality credits.
  3. Support mainstreaming: Raise awareness and educate key stakeholders on the proper use of NCS in corporate climate strategies. 

The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance is convened by:

Why Natural Climate Solutions

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) contribute to about a quarter of emissions and must be reduced to limit the global average temperature rise to 2°C. Equally, terrestrial and coastal ecosystems are one of the few available options to take in carbon and deliver GHG emissions to net-zero quickly and cost-effectively.

Studies have shown that natural climate solutions (NCS) can provide around 30% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming to 2 °C. As well as mitigating climate change, NCS can also provide other important solutions, such as the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, restoration of degraded lands and the support of sustainable livelihoods. 


NCSA Members

  • Business: BCG, Bayer Ag, BP, DBS, ENI, ERM, Leaseplan, Lenzing, McKinsey & Co., Mitsubishi Corp., Nestlé, Nutrien, IBCSD, IETA/ICROA, OGCI, Olam, Rabobank, RioTinto, REDD+ Business Initiative, Shell, Unilever,
  • NGOs: Arbor Day, BirdLife International, CERES, Conservation International, Environmental Defence Fund, Fauna & Flora International, The Nature Conservancy, Mandai Nature, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Resources Institute
  • Solution Providers: Agrosmart, Climate Action Reserve, ClimateImpactX, EcoTree, Ecosphere, Emergent, Gold Standard Foundation, Indigo Ag, New Forests, Permian Global, PT Rimba, South Pole, The Biodiversity Consultancy, Viresco Solutions, Verra, Weyerhaeuser, Wildlife Works, Winrock

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