Circular Deep Dives

Demand for resources has grown exponentially over the last few decades. Acknowledging resource limits that address all sectors, business must increasingly find new opportunities for creating stakeholder value. The circular economy presents each sector with different opportunities for enhancing competitiveness, accelerating growth and mitigating risk. 

The Challenge

There are numerous reports on the global, macroeconomic economic opportunity of the circular economy. However, companies cannot easily translate these studies into relevant information for themselves or their value chains.

The Business Case

Many companies have yet to initiate circular programs because they haven’t recognized the actions or opportunities available to them. In developing sector circular “blue-prints,” we will provide the context and practical opportunities which companies can identify, assess, prioritize and implement circular initiatives. 

The Business Solution

We will develop a series of sector-specific “blue prints” for circularity identifying the business models and cases, risks and opportunities, barriers and enablers.

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