UN Global Crisis Response Group Brief No.3 - Global impact of war in Ukraine: Energy crisis

Published: 24 Aug 2022
Type: Publication

The UN Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG) released the “Global impact of war in Ukraine: Energy crisis – Brief No.3” in August 2022.

The report highlights the continuing energy crisis and presents six policy recommendations to governments. It also has several key messages for the private sector. This WBCSD business brief offers the key insights of Brief No. 3, provides a synopsis of the UN recommendations to policymakers and outlines opportunities for WBCSD member companies to act and mitigate the effects of the energy and food crises. 

This new UN GCRG Brief No. 3 follows the UN GCRG Brief No. 1  published in April 2022 and UN GCRG Brief No. 2.

WBCSD has been participating and contributing to the work of the UN GCRG Food Taskforce and Energy Taskforce since their inception in March 2022. This business brief highlights the key findings of the new UN GCRG report and helps identify 8 key actions the business community can take now considering the energy crisis diagnosed by the report.

Download the UN Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG) Brief No. 3

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