Hydrogen – the good, the bad and the future

Long Story Short Podcast Episode #15 by Arcadis

Published: 5 Oct 2022
Author: Arcadis
Type: Member Spotlight

We’ve heard about hydrogen and its potential to be used as an alternative energy source, but why is it only now being taken seriously? As the world recognises the urgency to shift to renewable energy to meet net zero goals, is this the time for hydrogen to be truly utilised? In this podcast episode, we explore all things hydrogen – the good, the bad and the future of the most abundant element in the universe. How will it impact our everyday lives; where is it being used currently; what myths need busting, and most importantly do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Listen to our guests Natalie Sauber, Future Mobility Director at Arcadis, William Rowe, CEO and Founder of Octopus Hydrogen and Mark Danter, Senior Strategy Manager at Northern Gas Networks discuss hydrogen and the challenges that lie ahead.

Access the podcast here.

Tags: Energy

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