ENGIE Impact: New guidebook on Decarbonization Fundamentals in Manufacturing

Published: 16 Feb 2023
Author: ENGIE Impact
Type: Member Spotlight

During 2022, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development partnered with ENGIE Impact and collaborated to develop the Net Zero Manufacturing Masterclass series, which aimed to address the need for manufacturing companies to adapt to the changing climate paradigm by significantly reducing their emissions. Decision-makers from global organizations attended several masterclass events, where key insights were developed and shared.

Some main takeaways from those masterclasses have now been consolidated into a Decarbonization Fundamentals in Manufacturing guidebook released by ENGIE Impact, which serves as a resource and guiding document for manufacturers looking to reduce their emissions.

The guidebook provides practical lessons on decarbonizing a company's operations, including energy efficiency, heat decarbonization, renewable electricity, and scalability of implementation. It also addresses common challenges, such as delays, uncertainties, rising energy costs, geopolitical issues, stakeholder misalignment, lack of technology, and the need for large capital investments.

You can access and download the guidebook here.

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