BCSD Uruguay (DERES)


DERES is the Uruguayan largest network of companies for sustainable development. We are a non-profit business organization that brings together the main Uruguayan driving companies, from the public and private sector, that work and are interested in sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

We exist to promote and contribute significantly to the transformation of the development and business model, and thus achieve a more inclusive, fair and sustainable Uruguay. 

We promote, articulate and encourage companies to be builders of a sustainable society. 


We deploy our action through the following pillars of initiatives and activities: 

  • Articulation and generation of dialogues between the public and private sectors 
  • Accompanying companies and facilitating collaboration between them 
  • Exchange of business experiences, 
  • Working groups,  
  • Generation and articulation of projects,  
  • DERES Campus: dissemination and generation of knowledge 
  • Sustainable Development Observatory/Monitor  
  • Recognition of organizational practices in sustainable development 
  • DERES Annual Conference 

Our main activities and initiatives are linked to the following thematic areas: 


  • Environmental and Waste Management: National Waste Management Plan 
  • Circularity 
  • Energy: sustainable alternatives for energy generation, with a special focus on renewable energies 
  • Climate change 
  • Management of natural resources, e.g. water 

SOCIAL: inclusion and diversity as key drivers  

  • Digital transformation, technology and innovation for gender equality 
  • Disability and labour inclusion 
  • Migration and work 
  • Generations: work and education 
  • Social innovation: entrepreneurship 


  • Anti-bribery and ethics 
  • Sustainability reporting 
  • Sustainable finance and "green bond" (link to environmental pillar) 
  • Related international standards 
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Organizational purpose

Managing Director

Carolina Devoto 


Oscar Sagasti 

Website: http://www.deres.org.uy/

Social media: Twitter (@DERES_uy), LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Contact: Carolina Devoto, Managing Director 

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