Perú Sostenible

President of the Board of Directors
Adolfo Hereen
General Manager, TgP

Managing Director
Micaela Rizo Patrón 

Background Information

In 1992, when Peru was in the midst of violent political turmoil, a group of young entrepreneurs and business representatives, convinced that the only way of persevering as a country was through responsible investment, aimed at the creating a modern, democratic, peaceful and prosperous country. Hence, in 1994, Perú Sostenible was created by businesses for businesses.

After more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, Perú Sostenible now seeks to raise awareness, train, and mobilize businesses to assist them in the integration of Sustainability within their organizations in alliance with other stakeholders, such as the State and Civil Society, aiming at the sustainable development of the country as a whole. All of our activities are based on 4 main values: ethics, responsibility, respect, and trust.

Activities and Further Information

  • Perú Sostenible is a Global Network Partner of the WBCSD in Peru, as well as founder and member of Red Forum Empresa(a network of Latin American organizations specialized in Sustainability), and Organizational Stakeholder and Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Organization-GRI. 
  • Organization with +85 corporate trustees (Patronato Perú 2021 in Spanish). Members receive exclusive information on the latest sustainability tendencies through exclusive events and newsletters,  as well as a first look at publications, and other benefits.
  • Perú Sostenible constantly develops in-house and open trainings, events, publications and working tables on diverse sustainability topics, aimed at businesses, as well as Projects with international organizations.
  • After a rigorous self-evaluation and presentation of evidences, Perú 2021 provides businesses an annual recognition of their Sustainability practices (Distintivo Empresa Socialmente Responsable in Spanish) . This recognition not only adds value to the brand, but provides participating businesses with a benchmark of their sustainability practices and areas where they can improve. In order to demonstrate their improvement and maintain the public recognition, organizations have to undergo the evaluation on a yearly basis. 
  • Annual Sustainability Fair (EXPO Gestión Sostenible in Spanish). The Fair provides participating organizations a space to showcase their best practices and sustainability programs. It also functions as a networking platform between businesses and other actors, such as Universities, Civil Society and State actors, with around 7000 visits every year. The Fair incorporates free and open sustainability talks, multi-stakeholder working tables, a business roundtable for SMEs, and a showcase of youth-led ventures and entrepreneurship.   
  • Annual International Sustainability Conference (Simposio International: Empresa y Gestión Sostenible in Spanish). It is the longest-standing Sustainability Conference in Latin America, where national and international experts present the latest tendencies, and businesses provide their best practices and lessons learned. 

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