BCSD El Salvador (CEDES)

Rodrigo Samayoa Valiente, Chief Sustainability Officer, TERNOVA

Executive Director

Ana Ochoa

Background information

BCSD El Salvador (CEDES) was founded in 1995. Its main objective is to promote sustainability as a fundamental element of corporate strategy. CEDES provides targeted support to the private sector by way of sharing information on best practices and sector-specific sustainability trends, technical workshops and events. Through these activities, CEDES helps companies define sustainability objectives and indicators for their business, in an effort to measure performance and strive for continuous improvement. The work areas for 2015 are: Action 2020, Energy, Water, Environmental Footprint and Waste Management.

Website: http://www.cedes.org.sv/ 

Contact: Ana Ochoa, Executive Director; ana.ochoa@cedes.org.sv

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