Fernando Cortés McAllister

Managing Director
Mr. Santiago Madriñán

Background information
The Colombian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CECODES) was created in 1993 to promote sustainable development in Colombia. It represents more than five per cent of Colombia's GDP, about US 5,600 million a year in exports, and accounts for more than 600,000 direct and indirect jobs.


  • CECODES is working with the Ministry of the Environment on  projects which aim to spreading environmental leadership programs and development of environmental policy;
  • CECODES reports on its members' emissions per product unit, and on their environmental investment, expressed in terms of expenditure on goods and services directly related to the production processes. Its members have developed their own sectoral indicators, as well as business-specific indicators for use by stakeholders;
  • CECODES has collected case studies illustrating Inclusive Business initiatives and how environmental management has been a source of financial and social value in companies.