ACCIÓN Empresas (Chile)

Matías Verdugo, CEO Empresas SB

Managing Director
Marcela Bravo

Background information
ACCIÓN Empresas is a Chilean nonprofit organization that works with over 140 member companies willing to manage their business in a sustainable and competitive manner, in order to contribute to sustainable development in Chile. As such, we are the biggest sustainability network for companies on a national level.

Our vision is “to contribute to a developed, sustainable and inclusive Chile, with a better society and happier people”, by sensitizing and mobilizing companies to manage their businesses in a socially responsible way and supporting their leaders and workers to install the sustainable development logic in their strategy.

Throughout a variety of initiatives and projects, we understand and promote company sustainability as a business vision necessary for a more inclusive, equalitarian and sustainable society. Therefore, we generate and offer different forms of participation on various levels which allow our member companies to improve their social and environmental business performance.

By articulating diverse counterparts, we design and execute opportunities for business participation and involvement. We generate debate and discussion, install topics in the public agenda and address global problems which – even though causes go beyond the economic context – can and must be addressed by the business world, in order to make a significant difference and develop scalable solutions for our global challenges.


Contact: Anne Kathrin Müller, Gerente Desarrollo

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