ACCIÓN Empresas (Chile)

ACCIÓN Empresas is a Chilean non-profit NGO that works with more than 120 member companies willing to manage their business in a sustainable and competitive way, in order to contribute to sustainable development and a more inclusive, egalitarian and sustainable society in Chile. We are the largest sustainability network for companies at a national level, and our goal is to improve the lives of people and the planet through corporate sustainability.

Therefore, we generate and offer different forms of participation at various levels that enable our member companies to improve their social and environmental business performance.

Our priority is to  inspire, mobilize, articulate, monitor and measure the companies in our network through ongoing collaborative initiatives and programs structured along the following 6 specific thematic lines:

  • Climate Change (Mitigation, Adaptation and Biodiversity)
  • Circular Economy
  • Future of Work 
  • Sustainable Territories (Community Relations)
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management
  • Ethics and Governance

Our most relevant international frameworks are the 2030 Agenda, the human rights approach defined by the UNGP and, of course, Vision 2050, which prompted us to create a pilot group of member companies working towards adherence to five key sustainable criteria.

By articulating various counterparts, we design and implement opportunities for business participation and involvement. 

We generate debate and discussion, put issues on the public agenda and address global problems that, while their causes go beyond the economic context, can and should be addressed by business to make a meaningful difference and develop scalable solutions to our global challenges.

Managing Director
Marcela Bravo

Matías Verdugo, CEO Empresas SB

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