BCSD Argentina (CEADS)

The Consejo Empresario Argentino para el Desarrollo Sostenible (CEADS) was founded in 1992 and was the first national BCSD to be created. It brought together the chairmen of 16 Argentine companies, representing the most significant industrial sectors of the country.

Today, CEADS has more than 80 member companies drawn from an even wider range of economic sectors and activities.


CEADS has six focus areas with their respective "working groups", led by qualified experts and specialists from our staff. 

These areas are organized into working groups, programs and trainings. 

  • Programs: Climate Action; Connecting business with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in partnership with EY Argentina; Business and Human Rights; Circular Economy; Sustainability and communication; Environment and regulation. 
  • Working groups: Corporate governance, Transparency & License To Operate; Disaster risk management; Sustainable value chain; Sustainable agribusiness; Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • Trainings: Environmental Law for Business; Business and Indigenous Peoples' Rights; Business and Nature; ESG & Finance and sustainable investments. 

Since 2016, CEADS, in partnership with EY Argentina, has developed the "Connecting Business to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" Program aimed at strengthening the commitment of companies to the SDGs. Through this program, CEADS has developed a Virtual Platform that takes stock of the actions, programs and corporate projects that are being carried out by member companies in relation to the SDGs. The platform currently includes 628 initiatives submitted by 106 companies, covering all 17 SDGs and including 130 of the 169 SDG targets. 

Managing Director
Sebastian Bigorito

Silvia Bulla

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