The Shift


Thomas Leysen, Chairman of Umicore and KBC

Executive Director:

Sabine Denis & David Leyssens

Joined the WBCSD’s Regional Network since: 2015


The Shift is the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. As the national contact point for  the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, The Shift brings together some 350 organisations ranging from private companies, NGOs, academic institutions, governmental bodies and other key actors in society.

Together with our members, The Shift aims to realise the transition to a more sustainable society and economy by stimulating partnerships and helping co-create sustainable business models. 

Main activities:

- Connect: we connect organisations (companies, NGOs, academics, civil society, etc.) in Belgium that are engaged in the transition to a sustainable economy and society by organizing networking events.

- Commit: all our members are required to formalise an official commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through workshops about SDGs and the SDG Compass, we provide them tools to prioritize and implement the SDGs in their organisations.

- Change: together with our members and partners, develop innovative business models and societal projects to help solve the biggest challenges facing our society.