Croatia BCSD


The Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD) is an independent non-profit institution established in 1997 by 18 founding members. With around 60 members representing the Croatian economy, we combine knowledge, innovation and responsibility in the search for sustainable development paths that balance business success, social well-being and environmental protection. 

The HR BCSD is also the initiator of the Croatian Sustainability Index - HRIO, a methodology for assessing the sustainable business practices of Croatian companies, which awards a prestigious prize every year. 


he HR BCSD activities include Projects, Education, Seminars, Workshops: 

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting  
    • Providing expert assistance in developing CSR reports 
    • Providing expert external assurance of company’s CSR reports 
    • Educational seminars on CSR practices and legislation  
  • EU-funded projects:  
  • SDG Masterclasses – in house trainings for members 
  • Annual Regional CSR Conference 
    • Under the auspices by the President of the Republic and all relevant Institutions  
    • More than 300 participants (in person + online) 
    • Professional scientific papers are presented and published in the Proceedings of the papers 
  • Croatian Sustainability Index – HRIO  
    • In partnership with nationa business associations  
    • Yearly assessment with more than 15 years of continuous implementation 
    • Nationally recognized CSR award  
  • Advocacy 
    • Representing business positions on various national legislation during the development process  
    • Representing business positions on various EU legislation during the development process  
    • Education on new adopted national/EU legislations 
  • Promotion of Sustainable Development practices through a quarterly edition “Business and Sustainability”, as well as through our websites and social media. 
  • Director of Croatian BCSD is an expert member of numerous committees, working groups, councils and juries. 
  • Building productive partnerships with other business organizations, with NGOs, CSR, D&I and transformation experts, and academia towards sustainable development.

Managing Director
Mirjana Matešić, PhD 

Goran Ražnjević 


Social media: LinkedIn, FacebookInstagram, YouTube

Email: Mirjana Matesic, Managing Director & Katarina Plećaš, Office manager  

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