Mr. Myung-Soo HUH

Managing Director
Mr. Hyun-Jong HONG

Background information
KBCSD is an organization comprised of Chief Executive Officers of enterprises that share a vision of putting Korean industry on track to economic development in harmony with environmental preservation and social development.

  • Focal-Point of ‘Green Growth Business Dialogue’, under the Presidential Committee on Green Growth;
  • Regional Partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development;
  • Umbrella Institution of the Korean Federation of Industries (FKI).

Our Vision
Provide business leadership for sustainable development.

Our Mission

  • Assume a vanguard role in sustainable development policy making;
  • Reinforce capabilities for sustainability management;
  • Spearhead green initiatives in Asia;
  • Share values across all key stakeholders.

The Inaugural General Meeting of the Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development was held on 21 March 2002. Dr. Dong-Soo HUR, Chairman & CEO of GS Caltex Corporation, was appointed the first Chairman of KBCSD on that day. KBCSD currently comprises 43 Korean and global companies.


  1. Sustainable Development Policy-Making
    • Policy Response: Respond in a strategic manner to government regulations, notably in greenhouse gas mitigation and chemical control;
    • Policy Development: Encourage member interaction in designing sustainable development policies, in such areas as long-term energy mix, sustainable supply chain management and green technologies.
  2. Business Role
    • Executive-Level: Organize on a regular basis ‘Sustainability Management Executive Workshop’ aimed at raising awareness among executives on sustainability issues and its relevance to business strategy and management;
    • Practitioner-Level: Convene on a monthly basis ‘CSR Working Group’ with a view to enhancing capacity-building for practitioners associated with sustainability, CSR, ISO 26000 and/or GRI guideline.
  3. International Cooperation
    • Diffusion of Global Sustainability Standard: Encourage member companies to adopt and implement advanced sustainability practices and implementation tools in line with the latest international sustainability standards;
    • Spearheading Green Initiatives in Asia: Hold annual ‘Korea-China-Japan Business Roundtable on Green Growth’ and further expand the platform to other parts of Asia;
    • Green Business in Emerging Markets: Develop new green business models in emerging markets and provide the groundwork to help member companies advance into these new markets
  4. Education and Advocacy
    • Awareness-raising and education program for human-resources: Develop and introduce ‘Sustainability Management Aptitude Test’ for future employees
    • Information Service: Issue on a regular basis ‘Executive Member Update’ and ‘KBCSD Newsletter’

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