New Zealand: Sustainable Business Council publishes Annual Snapshot 2016/2017

Published: 20 Jul 2017
Type: News

Wellington, New Zealand, 20 July 2017: Sustainable Business Council (SBC), WBCSD’s Global Network partner in New Zealand, has released its annual snapshot of activities for the period 2016-2017.

SBC has focused its activities on growing great leaders; cross-sector collaboration; the Sustainable Development Goals agenda; member commitments; mainstreaming sustainability; and new technologies.
Peter Bakker, WBCSD’s President and CEO, penned a section for SBC’s publication in which he underscored: “It is more important than ever that we work closely with our members and Global Network partners, such as SBC. With 91 members across 11 sectors, the SBC offers a unique national platform for rallying cross-sector collaboration. Its seafood company members, for example, have shown real leadership - working together on marine environment protection plans and technology innovations. SBC has also led the way in the social impact space, working with companies to actively recruit young New Zealanders who may otherwise have difficulty finding work. These successful collaborations, coupled with new, game-changing resources, prove that despite some unpredictability worldwide, much optimism remains as we move forward.”

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