Forética publishes analysis of SDG implementation and key levers for acceleration in the public and private sector

Published: 30 Sep 2018
Type: News

Madrid, 30 September 2018: Three years after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Forética, WBCSD’s Global network partner in Spain, published an analysis about the level of implementation and the rate of progress against the 2030 Agenda globally and in Spain. The study compares the mechanisms of coordination and implementation for the SDGs at the national level with the in the rest of the G20 countries.
In addition, the study includes an analysis of business opportunities, integration barriers for the private sector, as well as the annual investment gaps and needs. It highlights key levers to SDG integration, including:

  • the identification of risks and opportunities that are embedded in the 2030 Agenda
  • the integration of the SDGs across various business functions
  • the involvement and buy-in from the CEO and other executives
  • the engagement with external stakeholders
  • the monitoring of progress at the local and global level

Since the launch of the Global Goals, Forética has been addressing this agenda from different perspectives, in particular by helping both private and public sector organizations to align their strategy with the 17 SDGs based on materiality and potential to generate impact.
At the national level, Forética has been part of the consultation with the private sector for the preparation of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda by the Spanish Government. Through its CSR Action Group, including 26 members, work is under way to develop a roadmap for the public business sector to guide the SDG integration into strategic planning.
At a European level, as a CSR Europe partner, Forética is part of the EU multi-stakeholder platform on the SDGs and translates that work into the Spanish context, as for example the initiative of the European Sustainability Awards. In the global context, Forética collaborates with the SDGs Program Area of WBCSD and contributes to the SDG Business Hub
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