Forética analyzes the challenges of green jobs and fair transition in the future of work

Published: 10 Jun 2022
Type: News

Madrid, 10 June 2022: Forética, the leading organization for sustainability and WBCSD’s representative in Spain, presented the report 'Green Jobs and Fair Transition in the Future of Work' as part of the 'JOBS 2030 - Future of Work' project - led by ManpowerGroup, with the collaboration of Fundación ONCE and PRISA. 

According to the data collected in the report and based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Europe has the potential to create between 700,000 and 1,000,000,000 green jobs in the next ten years if the European Green Pact is successfully implemented throughout the European Union. It is estimated that there are around 4.5 million jobs linked to the environmental economy in Europe.

Germán Granda, Director General of Forética stated: "The current global economic context and the consequent increase in social awareness that arose as a result of the pandemic generated by COVID-19, are defining the beginning of an era of transformation and evolution towards a green economy, which is motivated by the fight against the climate crisis, having the well-being of people and social inclusion at its core. This global trend aims to carry out a 'Sustainable Reshaping' of our economy and society, guided by governments and business to respond to the global challenges of economic development, climate emergency and social inequality. Through the 'JOBS 2030 - Future of Work' project, Forética is promoting ways forward and a framework for action to accelerate companies' commitments to a fair transition to green jobs”.

Within the framework of the 'JOBS 2030 - Future of Work' project, Forética is building a Spanish observatory on green employment and fair transition with the aim of analyzing the situation of green employment in Spanish companies, proposing ways forward and a roadmap with the main elements of action and highlighting the good practices of some leading organizations. This report, the first document published within the framework of the observatory, reviews the keys to understanding the depth of the changes we are facing, learning about the most relevant international initiatives and preparing our organizations to make the most of the opportunities that are turning up, focusing on people and the social 'S', and leaving no one behind.

The business response to the challenge of green jobs

Currently, 80% of Spanish organizations have difficulties in finding professionals with the required skills, according to data from the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Study. Thus, the talent mismatch in Spain has reached its highest level in the last 12 years and is 15 points higher than the figure recorded just a year ago by the company.

Ricardo Trujillo, Manager of the 'JOBS 2030 - Future of Work' project at Forética highlighted: "At Forética we want to highlight the importance of directing our efforts so that the training and development of talent is carried out in a fair and inclusive way, in which development opportunities are given to all people who are affected by this transformation of the economy and the labor market. It is necessary to invest in the development of green skills and talent, through the collaboration of all the actors involved, so that the workforce is not an obstacle but the main asset in achieving the climate and environmental goals set by Spain and Europe".

The aim of the second edition of the 'JOBS 2030 - Future of Work' project - led by ManpowerGroup, in collaboration with Fundación ONCE and PRISA - is to create a space for dialogue, knowledge and business trends regarding the implications, challenges and opportunities that the green transition will have on the future of work, and what mechanisms need to be accelerated to promote a fair transition.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy institutionally supports the project, in partnership with WBCSD and CSR Europe.

Download a copy of Green Jobs and Fair Transition in the Future of Work.

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