Finland: Making the ethical use of data part of corporate responsibility

Published: 19 Mar 2020
Type: News

Helsinki, 19 March 2020: Data has become the world’s most valuable raw material in business. Like any other resource, it should also be examined from the point of view of corporate responsibility. Sitra, FIBS – promoter of sustainable business in Finland, and around 30 pioneering companies have set out to identify and implement best practices for the responsible use of data.
The Making data part of corporate social responsibility workshop series, organized by Sitra and FIBS in the spring of 2020, aims to create competitive advantage from the fair data economy. Over 30 different companies and organizations were represented at the first workshop, ranging from large listed companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. They all seem to have one thing in common: the will to make the responsible use of data part of corporate social responsibility. They are clearly highly motivated and willing to make the use of data in their organization as ethically and transparently as possible.

FIBS is a partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Global Network, an alliance of more than 60 CEO-led business organizations worldwide. The Network, encompassing some 5,000 companies, is united by a shared commitment to provide business leadership for sustainable development in their respective countries and regions.
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