Peru: Finding value in the transformation

Published: 20 Jun 2017
Type: News

Lima, 20 July 2017: Sustainable development is a global challenge, requiring concerted and immediate action. Clearly, for emerging economies, such as Peru, some of the challenges are significant.

With the report Perú: Encontrando valor en la transformación(Peru: Finding value in the transformation), WBCSD’s global network partner Perú 2021 and EY outline challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in Peru, using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the guiding umbrella for the country’s systemic transformation. The publication provides support to better understand and implement the 2030 agenda and provides simple examples of how business can act and contribute.

Circular economy, low-carbon development, technology and eco-efficiency, sustainable lifestyles and sustainable cities are among the priorities. Waste management alone presents a unique opportunity. 18’000 tons of trash are generated daily in Peru and more than 50% end up in dumps and rivers. Implementing circular economy concepts, such as recovery and reuse, could meaningfully alleviate this situation.

“The SDGs present a roadmap to build stable, inclusive and transparent conditions that ensure business continuity and community inclusion,” said Adolfo Heeren, President of Perú 2021. While the leadership to deliver the SDG agenda falls on governments, businesses - large or small - have a critical role to play and a significant contribution to make. Through the lens of the SDGs, the report offers to understand the value of transformation in the context of Peru and how business can purposefully manage its impact on society.

“Our reality has changed rapidly and profoundly in the last 15 years. While the world has made considerable progress, some conflicts do not seem to end. The 2030 agenda is innovative not only because of its form but because of its content. It is indispensable, transformative and aims to achieve sustainable development without leaving anyone behind,” Maria del Carmen Sacasa (United Nations Resident Coordinator).

The report describes a 2030 vision for Peru, placing people and their respective development opportunities at the center. It emphasizes that business needs to transform and redefine its role in society, as the costs and risks of inaction already affect the viability of doing business. Business activity, investments and innovation are described at the great drivers of productivity, inclusive growth and job creation.

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