Croatian BCSD celebrates 20th anniversary

Published: 2 May 2017
Type: News

Zagreb, 12 April 2017: The Croatian Business Council for sustainable Development (HR BCSD) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a conference focused on the business implications of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Croatian BCSD was created in 1997 by 18 founding members. It works towards a vision of a well-developed Croatia in which responsible and successful business can collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure a sustainable world for all.


Some 100 participants from business, government, and NGOs took part in a two-hour session chaired by Mirjana Matešić, Executive Director of HR BCSD.

Filippo Veglio, WBCSD’s Managing Director for Social Capital, provided a global perspective about the relevance of the SDGs for business (slide show available here). While highlighting the critical role that business has to play with regard to the realization of the SDGs, he outlined the business implications of the SDGs, across the spectrum of risk, opportunity, governance and the need for collaboration. In doing so, he drew on recently published CEO Guide to the SDGs, which sets out clear actions that business leaders can take to maximize their companies’ engagement in this agenda.

The Croatian version of the CEO Guide to the SDG was launched by HR BCSD at the conference.

HR BCSD is part of WBCSD’s Global Network of partner organizations, an alliance of more than 60 CEO-led business organizations worldwide. The Network, encompassing some 5,000 companies, is united by a shared commitment to provide business leadership for sustainable development in their respective countries and regions.

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