A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business

Published: 9 Dec 2021
Type: Publication

WBCSD partnered with Forum for the Future to create this Compass for Just and Regenerative Business, a guide that explores the role of business in taking a just and regenerative approach to unlocking transformative action. It complements WBCSD’s Vision 2050, in particular, expanding our understanding of the Regenerative Mindset that Vision 2050 highlights as one of three critical mindset shifts required if we are to unlock transformation of our businesses and societies at the rate and scale required. It was developed with input and feedback from the American Sustainable Business Council and many leading businesses including Unilever, Nestlé, Ingka Group (IKEA), Kimberly-Clark, Seventh Generation, SIG and Capgemini.

It provides business with a compelling and clear synthesis of current leading thinking around just and regenerative practice. It seeks to:

  1. Create a robust definition of what being just and regenerative means for businesses and demonstrate the importance of this mindset shift for unlocking transformative action
  2. Introduce the Business Transformation Compass as a navigation guide for understanding and shifting the approach your business takes to change
  3. Draw out implications of this approach by describing the ‘critical shift’ needed on a range of issues and business functions

This Compass for Just and Regenerative business aims to help companies stretch ambition to the next frontier of sustainability while simultaneously identifying some practical implications of how to start applying this to current activities and business functions.

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