Jason Baillie

Director, Information & Communication Technologies & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Jason is the IT Director at WBCSD, having joined in July 2023. He leads the IT team, responsible for maintaining existing technology solutions and supporting the implementation of new technology-driven innovations and digital transformation, with a strong emphasis on implementation standards and security enhancements. He is dedicated and motivated to drive change collaboratively, utilizing technology to enhance experiences.

Before joining WBCSD, Jason has over a decade of hands-on experience in IT support services and IT Change management. His expertise lies in guiding teams, implementing technology solutions, improving operational efficiency, and mitigating risk. Throughout his career, he has contributed as a country lead, playing a pivotal role in transforming existing IT service and implementation teams into self-sufficient, collaborative units.

Marked by a focus on analysis, implementation, and evaluation of IT systems other former roles have included Lead Architect and IT Analyst in the financial sector. Designing and planning the overall structure of the company's technology systems, strategically positioning them for the introduction of new product lines and for future growth.

In his spare time, Jason loves to spend time with family and friends, likes to travel and can often be found on the tennis court.

Linkedin handle can be found here.

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