WBCSD North America

WBCSD North America provides a platform for corporations to act faster, together, and lead the critical transformations to address the most pressing social and environmental challenges the world is facing today. Drawing on the expertise of member corporations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we provide opportunities for our members to collaboratively overcome common barriers and challenges to achieve their climate and societal goals. Leadership is the key differentiator for success.

    The challenge

    North American businesses, like their peers around the globe, are facing unprecedented challenges like never before. Fallout from the pandemic, emerging new business models, increased scrutiny from stakeholders, mitigating risks due to climate change, and a range of other concerns. They also face public challenges to address social equity and environmental justice, their corporations’ impact on civil society, and their ability to compete globally. To face the three critical challenges the world is facing: the climate emergency, nature loss, and mounting inequality, business needs to focus its actions on where it can lead. But progress requires a shift in mindset, which is crucial, but difficult to achieve. Together, our members collaboratively address these issues and drive change to achieve long-term success.

    The business case

    WBCSD’s North American office brings major corporations together to help establish new nodes of sustainability and developing actionable steps to accomplish their goals. With an added sense of urgency, WBCSD-NA and its member companies are driving large-scale transformations across multiple industries for the benefit of all. They are making a real difference within their industry sectors and unlocking opportunities for long-term success.

    The solution

    Our report, Vision 2050, outlines specific actions companies can take to address the three critical issues facing business and society today--the climate emergency, nature in crisis, and mounting inequality. It starts with a shared vision; it is realized through action and leadership. Business plays a central role in driving and delivering the actions, innovations, products, and services required to transform our economic systems for long-term success. Massive transformations are taking place in key industry sectors. Out of the New York office for WBCSD North America, we create a safe space for companies to decode the climate-nature-social agenda, understand business opportunities and guide business action towards implementing practical solutions to achieve a world where 9+ billion people live well within our planet's boundaries by 2050. Now is the time for authentic leadership and fast action to make this transformation real.

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