WBCSD North America

The WBCSD North America office provides a platform upon which to engage leading North American businesses from a range of sectors in WBCSD initiatives, including innovative and scalable business solutions that address the most pressing social and environmental sustainability challenges.

Drawing on the expertise of North America-headquartered member companies, the office also helps to establish new nodes of sustainability leadership that broaden and deepen WBCSD’s portfolio, bringing new ideas and actionable solutions to member companies around the world.

The challenge

Similar to their peers around the globe, North American businesses are facing an increasing scrutiny from a complex supply chain and marketplace as well as an array of stakeholders and shareholders. Companies need to constantly evolve to adapt to the new, and sometimes uncertain trends, especially when their activities go beyond borders and boundaries. Unprecedented teams of rivals are created, and novel cross-sectoral collaborations are welcomed by the members to collectively address vexing risks and to unlock opportunities related to their future success.

The business case

Why is there a North America office? All the North America member companies have worldwide presence; as well as virtually all WBCSD international members have an operational and/or financial footprint on the continent. About one third of WBCSD members are publicly traded on NYSE/NASDAQ and generate a massive amount of capital flows, let alone the innovation raised from this region. Due to this interconnection, its vital the North American businesses are well weaving into the sustainability dialogues for the long-term value.

The solution

By leveraging the platform facilitated by WBCSD, members present in North America contribute to the sustainability-focused discussions with their international peers and benefit from the shared, actionable solutions. Currently, two global projects at WBCSD, “Aligning Retirement Assets” and “Soft Commodity Forum” are run out of the North America office. This office also partners with the United Nations, business communities and other organizations to proactively facilitate regional dialogues.

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