Natural Infrastructure for Business

Our Natural Infrastructure for Business platform is designed to introduce business leaders and practitioners to natural infrastructure. This platform is a first-time effort to raise business awareness, understanding and action towards increased investments in natural infrastructure solutions by providing concrete guidance and tools. It is the first step towards achieving our vision that by 2020, investing in ecosystems-or natural infrastructure-will no longer be just a good idea; it will be common practice across industry sectors worldwide.

The Challenge

All businesses affect ecosystems and rely on the critical services that they provide. Companies must secure access to resources that are key to their operations and reduce their exposure to risks linked to ecosystem degradation, all while creating value for society and the environment.

The Business Case

There is a strong business case for companies to invest in natural infrastructure solutions as an alternative to gray conventional infrastructure. It can help companies reduce costs, improve operations, generate financial gains, and enhance their reputation.

The Business Solution

The aim of our Natural Infrastructure for Business (NI4Biz) platform is to strengthen the business case for investing in natural infrastructure. Natural infrastructure solutions can be cost efficient, reduce a company’s risk exposure, and have compelling co-benefits for society and the environment.

The NI4Biz platform provides:

  • The business case for investing in natural infrastructure;
  • Case studies from different industries leveraging various ecosystem services;
  • Decision-making tools, including a cost-benefit analysis tool.

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